Monday, November 11, 2019


Market Better: Close More Business

Do you need more customers? Almost every business does. Hardly anyone is satisfied with his or her marketing. If that sounds like you, you may have some combination of the following three foundational problems with marketing:

    You don’t know “who” you are,
    You are selling to the wrong people,
    You don’t know what you are selling. 

Who Are You?
The foundation of marketing is creating an identity to make public. The point of all the artifacts and messages you create is to let people know “who” you are so they can decide whether they should interact with you. Unfortunately, people struggle with figuring out exactly “who” their business is. It is impossible to create a perfect logo, business card, website or brochure without the context that a crisp conception of the business “identity” provides. Many business owners have not created a specific identity to make public. If you feel like you can’t pick the words to describe your company, maybe it’s because you really haven’t constituted your company.

Wrong Target Market
One of the most common mistakes in business is to go after too broad of a market or one that you don’t like. If your target market is broad, then your messaging will be bland and no one will care. By narrowing your target market to the people that you would love to have as customers and that would love the way you do business, not only will you be more passionate (i.e. attractive) you will also create much more powerful messaging that will resonate loudly with your best fit and you will close more business. Oh, and you will enjoy working at your business.

What Are You Selling?
This may seem like a trick question. You certainly deeply know the mechanics of producing your product or service, but your clients don’t care about that. Describing your product or service in terms that matter to them makes an incredible difference to how well your audience listens and responds to your offer. Most people focus on the features of their product or how they fulfill their offer rather than the effect it has on their customers. Understand clearly what impact you are seeking to have in people’s lives.

If you want to improve on these, there are three key strategies for success.
    Work with other people
    Use a vetted simple system
    Use a structure to track your progress

Work With Other People
We are prisoners of our own minds. We live in our own version of reality that is sometimes just nuts. By working with other people you will radically improve the quality of your business constitution. Other people will expose where you are nuts and add creativity where you don’t expect it. It will make you more compelling to your prospects because it will have gone through the filter of other real people not just your imagination of what other people think.

Use a Vetted Simple System
Using a system like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) allows you to benefit from the mistakes of others. Since the system has been used by 10’s of thousands of people you know it works so you can just stick to your knitting and not worry about whether you are doing it “right”.

Use a Structure to Track Progress
We are usually very good at keeping our commitments to customers. It is much harder to keep your commitments to ourselves about how we are moving our businesses forward strategically. Get a commitment buddy. Check in on one another weekly as you progress towards your goals.

In addition to working with the Leadership Teams inside bigger companies, Suboski and Company also forms teams of 6 solopreneurs that help each other define their business brilliantly using the tools of EOS. It is in this work that we continually see the powerful improvement on marketing and peace of mind that comes from clarity. Join us, or put together your own team of peers, and you will be surprised at how quickly you accelerate your progress to your goals. You will sleep better too.

Kevin Suboski is obsessed with helping Visionaries put in place leadership structures to pull them out of the day-to-day minutiae of their business so they can rise to their highest best use, achieve their wildest dreams and live the best Visionary life possible. If you want to learn how to get your life back, email Kevin at

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