Monday, December 3, 2018

Are you the Roadblock?

Are you beyond your capacity?

Every business experiences "Hitting the Ceiling". You were moving steadily toward your goals but mysteriously your progress has halted. It is like a glass ceiling has been inserted between you and where you want to go. You and your Leadership Team try many solutions, but until you discover what the root cause is, your attempts at moving past the roadblock are thwarted.

Sadly, it often happens that the Founder and Leader of the business fails to recognize that they are the roadblock. The Founder is often brilliant at understanding the customer and artfully providing solutions. Brilliant enough that demand requires them to hire a team of people. This team then adds new work to the Founder that they often are not well suited to perform.

If you are the leader of your business and find that you are spending a lot of your time in the operational details of your business and constantly fighting fires, you may really benefit from learning about the distinction between Visionaries and Integrators. It may move you past the ceiling, on to your desired growth.

The Founder is usually the Visionary in the business that sees the big picture, holds big relationships, protects the culture in the company and develops new offers. By holding someone else accountable to the Integrator function the Visionary can free up their time to apply themselves to their unique ability and providing the strategic value that they are built to offer and craves to fulfill.

The Integrator is the details person that executes the vision. They ensure that the team is consistently disciplined and accountable. They keep all of the moving pieces in the company in harmony. They are the Yin to the Visionaries Yang.

To learn more about what I mean by Visionary and Integrator watch this short video.